Living Green: How To Set an Example

If you want to set an example to others of how to live green, then you’ve got to, as they say, walk the walk. You can talk all you want about buying a bicycle to use to get to work and around town, but unless others see you riding it, you won’t set any sort of example to anyone.
It’s not that difficult to live green. Small, simple measures over a period of time can add up to make a difference. Some people believe that unless they can replace the entire heating system in their home with solar paneling then there’s little point in doing anything to reduce the impact they have on the world’s resources. But that’s simply not true. One of the best aspects of making small changes is that this attitude can encourage you to make more small changes, and then bigger changes, until you find that you are living green.
One way in which you can start to live green is to use your car less often. If you can leave it at home one or two days a week and travel to work by bike, or on foot, do so. This is a big step to take towards living green. This way your colleagues will see that it can be done. If you travel into work by bike, then make sure you carry your helmet and pump all the way along the corridor to your desk so that they know! This will encourage them to ask about your new mode of transport and you can take it from there.
People will be especially keen to follow your green example if they can see tangible evidence of the personal benefits. And that’s where swapping the car for the bike (or your feet) works wonders. Walking or cycling to work instead of driving will greatly improve your health. If others see that you’ve lost weight, or are sporting a healthy tan from the time spent outdoors, they will undoubtedly want to follow in your footsteps – literally! There’s also the money that will be saved in opting for a greener mode of transport, another incentive for your colleagues to choose walking or cycling to work over driving.
However, if you really can’t do without your car to travel to work, at least you can organize a car-sharing program. Ask if any colleagues would like to team up to create a car-sharing pool. If you take on the responsibility of implementing the scheme then others have little more to do than say yes and select their dates and journeys. This is a good way to get colleagues to buy into a green measure that could have a positive “domino” effect around your workplace with many others adopting the same approach.
Another way you can set an example of how to live green is to let your neighbors see how easy composting is. Erecting a composter in your garden is simple and inexpensive. When you take your kitchen waste out to your composter, engage your neighbors in conversation and let them know all about the benefits of composting. Composting is a great way to produce an amazing product for your garden using leftovers that would otherwise be sent to the local landfill. You can go one step further than this, though, and grow your own fruit and vegetables. Again, you can demonstrate tangible evidence that living green pays. Invite your neighbors over for supper and prepare the meal using produce from your garden. Let them see – and taste – how much better home-grown organic produce is than the “force grown” fruit and vegetables available at the local grocery store. The beauty of seasonal organic vegetables is that they don’t really need a great deal done to them in order for them to taste delicious (another reason why living green is the way to go!). Again, this is another way to save money, something which will be appealing to all, especially nowadays with the increasing cost of most foods.
You don’t have to be one of those eco-warriors who’s always on a crusade where living green’s concerned. If you live green, adopting simple measures to reduce your impact on the planet, then others will see for themselves that it can easily be done, and that the associated benefits are more than worth the effort and organization required.

By: JD

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