We believe cosmetics and personal care products should be safe not only for the people who use them but for the environment as well.

What you use on your body ends up in the water systems, our lakes, and our oceans. Therefore, we make sure the products we carry are safe for you and the planet. Our products are toxin-free, high in natural ingredients, and packaged without single-use plastic containers.

As a consumer, every time you choose to refuse single-use plastic is an opportunity to encourage others and eliminate your contribution to the plastic pollution problem.

An estimated 87 per cent of the plastic that entered a mismanaged waste stream in 2016 was leaked into nature and became plastic pollution. The majority of this mismanaged plastic waste, 90 per cent, is believed to have polluted land-based nature, such as soil and freshwater bodies..."

- World Wildlife Fund

How We Ship

Within Canada, we ship plastic-free with Canada Post ground to lower our impact on air quality. In terms of our packaging, we are proudly a NoIssue Eco Packaging partner contributing to global reforestation. Our shipping mailers and stickers are 100% biodegradable and compostable. That's not all! To be even more sustainable, we reuse papers and boxes from our suppliers whenever possible.

Check out this video to find out how to dispose of your 100% compostable mailer.

A big thank you to our customers and partners for making sustainable change possible!